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Traditionally fermented food is delicious and healthy!

Seven Acres Ferments


We make a seasonally-influenced line of hand-crafted, small-batch, fermented, specialty sauerkrauts, kimchis and pickles.

Our wild-fermented krauts, kimchis, and pickles are made with raw vegetables & sea salt. We follow traditional fermentation methods, resulting in preserved food that has become a powerhouse of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) that aid in digestion and immune system support. 

Fermented foods are incredibly versatile! Eat them with breakfast, lunch, and dinner or just grab a fork and snack on them straight out of the jar!



Our recipes change seasonally & availability fluctuates due to the small-batch nature of our production practices. 

Our products are unpasteurized to ensure optimal probiotic activity. It is not unusual for the product to bubble or fizz when you open your jar or bottle.

Everything we make is vegan.


Ecological regeneration is extremely important to us, and agriculture has a huge role to play in this. We are passionate about sourcing our ingredients from local, Nova Scotia farmers whose growing practices are ecologically sensitive. 

Why not only Certified Organic? 

Although we do source organic produce from certified farms, we are not exclusively committed to Certified Organic ingredients. This is because Nova Scotia has many small-scale farmers whose farming practices are environmentally sensitive and ecologically regenerative, but who have chosen not to certify their farms for various reasons (our own farm falls into this category). We know and trust the farmers we source our ingredients from and do not want to exclude farms who choose not to certify their farms.

Our vegetable, fruit & herb suppliers include: