Our  non-alcoholic, fermented kombuchas and water kefirs are fizzy and  refreshing. Made with local ingredients whenever possible, our flavours change throughout the seasons.


Bottles are 355mL in size, and must be kept refrigerated before and after opening.

Ingredient list:


Original Kombucha: Water, Black Tea, Green Tea,  Sugar, Kombucha Culture

Strawberry Vanilla Kombucha: Water, Black Tea, Green Tea, Sugar, Strawberry, Vanilla, Kombucha Culture
Raspberry Mint Kombucha: Water, Black Tea, Green Tea, Sugar, Raspberry, Mint, Kombucha Culture

Kiwi Water Kefir: Water, Sugar, Kiwi, Fig, Tibicos Culture

Raspberry Water Kefir: Water, Sugar, Raspberry, Fig, Tibicos Culture

Grape Water Kefir: Water, Sugar, Grape, Fig, Tibicos Culture

Cranberry Water Kefir: Water, Sugar, Cranberry, Fig, Tibicos Culture

Kombucha & Water Kefirs

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