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Growing healthy vegetables & beautiful flowers with the seasons

We love growing food and flowers with the seasons. It's so satisfying and rewarding to celebrate spring with tulips and rhubarb, summer with tomatoes and peppers and zinnias and dahlias, fall with squash and potatoes and amaranth and sunflowers, and winter with storage crops and evergreen boughs. To eat in season and enjoy flowers in season helps us feel more connected to the earth and the beauty of Nova Scotia's seasons and biodiversity. It also helps strengthen our local capacity and resiliency to feed and support Nova Scotian residents, visitors and small businesses. We love being able to provide seasonal seeds, plants, vegetables, and flowers from our farm to you every year.


We save seeds from plants grown here on our farm! Seeds are available year-round as supplies last. In addition to finding our seeds at market, you can order them for Canada-wide delivery through our webstore.


Every spring and summer, we offer vegetable, herb, flowers, and occasionally fruit seedlings. All of our seedlings are grown from seeds by us or propagated from plant cuttings right here on the farm. 

Vegetables & Herbs

We are passionate about biodiversity protection and regeneration and work intentionally to make our farm an inviting and safe space for bugs, birds, animals, and native plant species. To ensure this, we avoid the use of all chemical pesticides and herbicides. We use compost, natural mulching materials (like leaves and straw), liquid seaweed, cover crops, and compost tea that we brew ourselves to encourage healthy soil and ecosystems here on the farm.

You can always expect our crops to be fresh, with harvesting taking place 1-2 days before market. We use an on-farm walk-in cooler to ensure that vegetables are stored appropriately before delivering to market. 

Cut Flowers

We plant flowers for our pollinators, for ourselves, and for others to enjoy. Seasonal, spray-free flowers are vibrant, cheerful, and benefit from longer vase life than imported flowers do. Feel free to inhale a face-full of our scented blooms knowing that they're chemical free and grown as part of a wider ecological farm system.

We offer in-season flower bouquets through our markets, our farm stand, and by the bucketful when requested. We do not currently offer wedding flower services.

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