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Currently offering contactless door-to-door delivery!

During this time of unexpected social distancing and extra safety measures, I am accepting orders online and providing door-to-door deliveries a couple times a week. 
Kings County Delivery fees: $5
If you live outside Kings County and would like to place an order, please email me to discuss delivery fee. 

This is my current available stock list. I will update this list as soon as possible whenever stock levels change and new products become available.

To place an order, please email your order request to farmteam@sevenacresfarm.ca, along with your address. I will email back to confirm your order and price and let you know when to expect delivery.

I can accept e-transfer for payment or process credit cards over the phone. 

Current available stock:

DRINKS, 355mL bottles  $4 each


Kombucha, Original (27 in stock)
Kombucha, Raspberry Mint (6 in stock)

Water Kefir, Grapefruit Rosemary (5 in stock)

Water Kefir, Blueberry Thyme (14 in stock)

Water Kefir, Blackberry (12 in stock)

WAter Kefir, Cranberry (24 in stock)

FERMENTED VEGGIES/KRAUTS/KIMCHI, 500mL are $9 each, 750mL are $13 each

Sauerkraut, 500mL (4 in stock)

Sauerkaut, 750mL, (5 in stock)

Classic Caraway Kraut 500mL, (8 in stock)
Classic Caraway Kraut 750mL (5 in stock)

Cumin Kraut 500mL (5 in stock)

Cumin Kraut 750mL (5 in stock)

Onion Juniper Kraut 500mL (8 in stock)

Oonion Juniper 750mL (5 in stock)
Beet Kraut, 750mL (1 in stock)  *Green Cabbage, Red Beet

Pink Sunrise Kraut, 500mL (15 in stock)  *Red Cabbage, Green Cabbage, Carrot, Ginger      

Pink Sunrise Kraut, 750mL (6 in stock)

Bavarian Confusion, 500mL (7 in stock)  *Red Cabbage, Onion, Apple, Caraway

Bavarian Confusion, 750mL (4 in stock)

Spicy Daikon Cubes, 500mL (1 in stock)

Spicy Daikon Cubes, 750mL (2 in stock)

Veggie Medley, 500mL (7 in stock)  *Cauliflower, Carrots, Onion, Jalapeno, Garlic, Oregano

Veggie Medley, 750mL (1 in stock)

HOME FERMENTATION TOOLS (all new and unused)
Glass Weights, fit wide mouth mason jars, $5 each, (18 in stock)

Silicone air locks, fit wide mouth mason jars, $3 each (24 in stock)

1L Wide mouth mason jars, $2 each (6 in stock)

Masontops wood 'pickle packer' tamper, $20 each, (1 in stock)

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