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Hi there! My name is Jocelyn and I am the land steward here at Seven Acres Farm. 
I moved to this piece of land in August 2014 with the goal of putting permaculture theory and a variety of ecological growing techniques to use to grow food for myself, as well as attempt to generate income by selling veggies, herbs, cut flowers, and nursery plants at local farmers markets and direct from the farm. When I arrived, the land was undeveloped: half of it was pasture land that hadn't been used in years, and the other half was young forest. I purchsed a 1975 mobile home to live in, put in the required septic, well, electricity, and driveway... then began the process of settling in, observing the land, planning out landscape designs, and getting started on the gardens.



My goal when it comes to farming is to grow food in a way that disrupts the natural world as little as possible, aligning with the permaculture ethics of people care, earth care, and fair share.
Permaculture (in relation to farming) is the design of agricultural systems that have the resilience of natural ecosystems. It involves the careful observation of landscapes, followed by the thoughtful incorporation of patterns found in nature, in order to create regenerative, diverse and stable food systems. Permaculture design theory introduces a lot of really exciting, innovative ideas to the world of agriculture, and definitely influences the way I do things at Seven Acres Farm.

Environmentalist first, farmer second...

I didn't grow up farming. Instead, I grew up in urban areas where I developed interests in social justice movements and environmental care. The link between these things and agriculture helped fuel my interest in pursuing the adventurous journey of homesteading and farming.

Healthy ecosystems & happy seeds: 


I farm without the use of any pesticides or herbicides, and plant organic, open-pollinated, and heirloom seeds from suppliers I feel I can trust as much as possible. 

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